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IMG_6902 2.HEIC


My name is Madeline Camplese, and I am a 21-year-old fourth-year Media Arts student at Northeastern University with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Global Fashion Studies.


I was born in State College, PA, but, in adolescence, moved to Long Island, NY, to a suburb of Chicago, IL, and, finally, to Boston, MA. My interest in the differences in cultures -- whether it be clothing, art, food, and attitude, has stemmed from my wide view of American culture due to this relocation, and has informed my perspective and interests. I have always yearned to travel and expand this perspective even further.

I have enjoyed singing, drawing, painting, and writing since I can remember, but, in recent years, this has translated into my love for design, clothing, food, and art. I have chosen to study and pursue these creative aspects of my life, and plan to do it in my own way.


"Unless I am myself, I am nobody."
-Virgina Woolf 
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